All-In-One Mist Fans & Humidification/Evaporative Cooling Systems

Misting Direct's All-In-One Humidification/Evaporative Cooling Systems & Mist Fans are self contained high pressure humidification/evaporative cooling systems w/ built in air circulator. These systems can be used both as a high pressure humidification system, as well as a high pressure evaporative cooling system, and are ideal for warehouses, factories, personnel cooling, outdoor areas, company picnics etc. 

Our systems are super easy to set up! Just connect a garden hose the system and plug the cord into a standard 120 volt ground fault receptacle and turn it on. Misting Direct has designed many large scale industrial humidification systems for greenhouses, wood working companies, cut flower distributors, concrete testing/curing facilities etc. Systems can also be designed for dust control and odor control. Call now for free assistance.