Mist Diffuser


Our new Stainless Steel Mist Diffuser is a revolutionary new product that has been invented, designed and manufactured Misting Direct. This sleek looking designer diffuser is a hybrid of a misting fan and a fixed line misting system that can be wall or ceiling mounted. Unlike traditional fixed line systems the diffuser can be placed directly over the target area, instead of around the outside perimeter to more effectively cool the area. The particles of water mist are diffused at the source, distributing cool air and evaporating 100% of the mist. This diffuser can be in-stalled during or after the construction process. This diffuser can be installed in new or existing homes. The diffuser is powered by a low voltage transformer and a high pressure misting pump. One transformer and one pump can power numerous diffusers. The high pressure tubing and low voltage wire can be invisibly installed behind the ceiling or surface mounted. Misting diffusers work great in conjunction with ceiling fans.