Pro Misting Fan Kit w/ 2 Fans (Pump Powers Up To 10 Misting Fans!)

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This complete, 1000 PSI professional misting system is perfect for most patios, gazebos, restaurants with outdoor dining and more. Additional misting fans can be powered with the included pump. If you need help figuring out how many fans you will need, feel free to contact us for assistance. 

Mist Fan Kit Includes:

1 ECO pump High Pressure Misting Pump 1000 PSI - 1/4 Gallon Per Minute (ECO250)

2 18" Misting Fans w/ Two-Nozzle Mist Rings

8 Ruby Misting Nozzles .006":, .008" or .012"

100' 1/4" High Pressure Flexible Nylon Tubing

10' 3/8" Inlet Tubing

1 10" Filter Housing w/ Filter Cartridge, Bracket & Fittings

25 1/4" Nylon Tubing Clamps

1 Garden Hose Adapter

1 1/4" Quick Connect Tee

The pump included with this kit can power up to 10 misting fans with the .006" ruby nozzles, 8 mist fans with .008" ruby nozzles and 6 misting fans with .012" mist nozzles. Additional Misting Fan Kits Include Shipping!!! Each additional fan kit contains one 18" Mist Fan, one 2 nozzle mist ring, one tee and two Ruby Misting Nozzles.

2 Year Parts & Labor Warranty