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Kids enjoying a high pressure misting system by Misting Direct at a popular children's museum.


Since 2007, we have been designing and building the finest high pressure misting systems in the world. We have extensive experience in designing systems for outdoor cooling, fog effects, dust control, humidification systems and for many more applications. Our systems are in use at  patios, pool areas, hotels, restaurants, luxury homes, cruise ships, military bases, and children’s museums all around the world. Whether you need a small, simple system, or a complex, multi-zone system our staff can design the perfect system for your unique application. 

Misting Direct high pressure mist cooling system in action at a popular children's mueseum.

Some noteworthy systems that we’ve designed and that are using Misting Direct brand equipment are: Nellis Air Force Base, The University of Tulsa, Disney Cruise Ship Fantasy, Kid’s Space Children's Museum - Pasadena, CA, Miami Children’s Museum, Florida Department of Transportation and many more!


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