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AEROPUMP Specification: We have designed the first truly high pressure commercial duty aeroponics pump. This system actually contains two pumps, a high pressure triplex plunger pump with a continuous duty motor and a low pressure filtration pump. This system is capable of drawing nutrient solution from a reservoir and pressurizing it to up to 1000 PSI at a maximum of one gallon per minute. A built in adjustable pressure regulator allows the pressure to be set anywhere from 60 PSI to 1000 PSI. Comes complete with triple stage low surface area filtration and versatile timer that we have designed exclusively for the aeroponics industry. When creating mist at high pressures the nutrient solution is atomized into extremely tiny droplets, this allows for maximum oxygen absorption and delivery to the roots. Dimension(Housing): 12x12x24 Voltage: 115V (230V 50'60Hz available upon request Add $75) Operating Pressure: 60 - 1000 PSI Flow: 1 Gallon Per Minute Maximum Heavy Duty Pump w/ Stainless Steel Plungers Continuous Duty Motor Specially Designed Built-In timer. Adjustable from 2-60 Seconds On-time and From 20 Seconds to 5 Minutes Off-time. Other ranges available upon request. Built-in Low Surface Area Filtration. Designed to Filter Solids From the Nutrient Solution Without Absorbing and Holding the Dissolved Nutrients. Heavy Duty Galvanized Vented Enclosure Protects Your Investment Indoor or Outdoors.