MAX-VAP High Pressure Compact Misting Fan (MVC)

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Introducing MAX-VAP MVC Portable Self Contained High Pressure Compact Misting Fan by Misting Direct

This new portable outdoor cooling system is the most lightweight, compact, portable, easy to use high pressure misting system available. Simply connect a MAX-VAP unit to a garden hose, plug it into a GFI Outlet and you have a complete high pressure mist cooling system with a 3-speed, high velocity 3000 cfm misting fan. This unit can be used to cool patios, parties, outdoor events or spot cooling in warehouses and on job sites. A built in 1 micron filter keeps the nozzles from clogging and makes set up a snap. This is a true 1000 psi, high pressure mist cooling system. This system can power up to 2 satellite misting fans with .008" nozzles.

The included .25 gallon per minute, 1000 PSI misting pump and the water filtration are hidden in the stainless steel base! This misting pump the most efficient high pressure misting pump on the market drawing only 1.4 Amps at full load! The heavy gauge stainless steel base protects the high pressure pump for years to come.

Each MAX-VAP compact system includes 2 complete sets of our top of the line Ruby Misting Nozzles. Each set includes three .008" and three .006" Ruby Nozzles for maximum versatility.

Comes Completely Assembled

Dimensions: 29" Height X 23" Width X 13" Deep Weight 42 lbs.