Misting Nozzle Cleaner

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Try Misting Direct Nozzle Cleaner to clean clogged misting nozzles. Use this specially formulated nozzle cleaner at full strength. To clean nozzles: remove all rubber parts and o-rings, disassemble nozzles if possible and soak all metal parts in full strength nozzle cleaner for 20-30 minutes, agitating occasionally. All parts should be completely submerged while soaking. Thoroughly rinse all parts including rubber parts and o-rings by placing them in in a strainer and holding under running water. Install o-rings and reassemble nozzles. Our nozzle cleaner can save you money and help you get the most use out of your nozzles. This nozzle cleaner can be used to clean both high pressure mist nozzles and low pressure misting nozzles.

Be sure to read the label on the bottle before using.