Self Contained Humidification System & Evaporative Cooling System

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Misting Direct is pleased to announce our new self contained high pressure humidification and evaporative cooling system with a built in air circulator. This self contained system is capable of injecting up to 12 gallons of water into the air per hour. With the included cycle timer and humidity control, you have total control of the output. When the humidity drops to the set percentage, the fan will run continuously, while the pump cycles intermittently from 15 seconds up. Both the on-time and the off-time can be adjusted separately by the turn off a knob. The fan will continue to run to distribute the water vapor until the desired humidity level has been reached. This system can also be used as a high pressure evaporative cooler, to cool warehouses, factories, personnel, outdoor areas, company picnics etc. The built-in timer allows total control of the system when using this system as an evaporative cooling system. The system is super easy to set up! Just connect a garden hose the system and plug the cord into a standard 120 volt ground fault receptacle and turn it on. Misting Direct has designed many large scale industrial humidification systems for greenhouses, wood working companies, cut flower distributors, concrete testing/curing facilities etc. Systems can also be designed for dust control and odor control. Call now for free assistance.