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Misting System at a custom home in Miami Beach, Florida

This high pressure misting system was installed by Misting Direct. The builder, Bart Reines Construction, a renowned builder of fine custom homes in Miami Beach, has hired Misting Direct to design and install numerous mist cooling systems at their projects. For this particular installation stainless steel tubing was embedded into the structure to hide the mist tubing. Only the small nozzles can be seen and all of the tubing has been covered by stucco.

If you are building a custom home and considering incorporating an outdoor cooling system into the design contact Misting Direct today to discuss the many available options. We are seasoned professionals and have worked with many prominent architects, builders and homeowners to install our systems during the construction process for the cleanest possible installation. Our systems can be designed to be controlled by the home automation equipment of your choice for ultimate control of the system.
Misting Direct worked directly with the home builder, Bart Reines Construction to design and install this high pressure misting system with hidden stainless steel mist tubing. Misting Direct installed and designed this high pressure misting system at a custom home in Miami Beach that was built by Bart Reines Construction. The stainless steel misting pump was mounted to the wall on the backside of the gazebo at this Miami Beach home. Look closely to spot the nozzles that are the only visible part of this high pressure misting system by Misting Direct. This gazebo has welded stainless steel mist line embedded in the structure around the three open sides. Look closely at the photo to spot the tiny misting nozzles coming through the stucco. These nozzles are the only visible part of this misting system.