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This post is about a high pressure misting system at a custom home in Bal Harbour, Florida. This system has three zones with high pressure solenoid valves that are controlled by an automation system. The mist line along the shade structure is made of copper tubing to blend in with the structure. Mist tubing was […]

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This high pressure misting system was installed by Misting Direct. The builder, Bart Reines Construction, a renowned builder of fine custom homes in Miami Beach, has hired Misting Direct to design and install numerous mist cooling systems at their projects. For this particular installation stainless steel tubing was embedded into the structure to hide the […]

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DIY Aeroponic 1000 PSI Kit We have designed the first truly high pressure commercial duty aeroponics pump. This system actually contains two pumps, a high pressure triplex plunger pump with a continuous duty motor and a low pressure filtration pump. This system is capable of drawing nutrient solution from a reservoir and pressurizing it to […]

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MOSQUITO CONTROL SYSTEMS Biting insect prevent many of us from enjoying the outdoors. Our mosquito control systems provide quick and lasting protection from annoying flying insects. At timed intervals, the system releases a fine mist of a natural Pyrethrum-based insecticide that repels and kills mosquitoes, fleas, spiders, wasps & other biting insects. Pyrethrum is a […]

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