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New! Misting Ruby Nozzles.

Check out our new stainless steel mist cooling nozzles w/ real ruby orifices. Ruby doesn’t wear down from the friction of the high pressure water so these nozzles may be the last nozzles you ever buy. The nozzles come with a built in anti-drip valve and a removable turbine. All of the ruby nozzles can be easily disassembled and completely cleaned!

The ruby nozzles produce the nicest cone of mist that we have seen.

One of the problems with high pressure misting systems is that the orifice of the misting nozzles is so small that over time they can become clogged. Our ruby misting nozzles can be easily taken apart and cleaned. Our ruby misting nozzles can be used with any high pressure misting system with that uses mist nozzles with 10/24 thread.