Pumptec 107SS Reverse Osmosis and Desalination Pump

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Pumptec 107SS Pump

The Pumptec 107SS is the smallest, most efficient Desalination Pump available for reverse osmosis watermakers. The body of the 107SS is machined from solid bars of stainless steel in Minnesota. This pump is available with 12VDC, 24VDC, 120VAC and 230VAC motors. Our optional 316 Stainless Steel, 1,000 PSI pressure regulator pairs perfectly with the 107SS pump and offers excellent corrosion resistance to salt water.

Pumptec 107SS pump with 12 volt motor and 316 SS pressure regulator

The Pumptec 107SS operates at pressures up to 1,000 PSI at .25 gallons per minute (GPM). It's incredibly efficient, drawing only 15 Amps at 12 VDC, 6.5 Amps at 24 VDC, 1.6 Amps at 120 VAC and .8 Amps at 230 VAC.


316SS 1,000 PSI Stainless Steel Pressure Regulator

Our machined 316 Stainless Steel Pressure Regulator operates at 1,000 PSI or less. 316SS has high corrosion resistance against salt water. Regulators like this are very difficult to find so we keep them stocked for our customers.

Pumptec 107SS Desalination Pump for small watermakers


  • Pump Body Stainless Steel
  • Plunger Ceramic
  • Valves Stainless Steel
  • Inlet Port(2) – 1/4″ NPT (F)
  • Discharge Port(2) – 1/4″ NPT (F)
  • Max Fluid Temp.(°F) 140
  • Max Pressure (PSI)1000
  • Open Flow (GPM)0.25
  • Seals NBR
  • Weight: 13 lbs.
  • Volts12VDC, 24VDC, 120VAC or 230 VAC
  • 15 Amps at 12 VDC, 6.5 Amps at 24 VDC, 1.6 Amps at 120 VAC and .8 Amps at 230 VAC.

Performance Chart

Performance Chart for the Pumptec 107SS stainless steel watermaker desalination pump

The 107SS is the most efficient, compact pump for small watermakers on the market. We don't think there is a better high efficiency pump available for reverse osmosis desalination systems.

Pumptec 107SS stainless steel watermaker pump


Feel free to contact us with any questions or technical support in designing your custom desalination water maker project. Our experts will be happy to help.

Pumtec 107SS Dimensions for Desalination pump for watermakers